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Multi-cultural, folk music education for children, parents, teachers, family and school.


                                                                         is growing

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and staying young.

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Press titles to find:

BIG SONGS   Songs of people, places and times such as: The Titanic, What Did Delaware and The Crawdad Hole.  These songs contain reading and language skills appropriate for older kids.


KID'S BAG    For young children, parents and teachers.   Inside will be songs and activities to aid teaching kids to participate in our culture's musical legacy.


JAMS   Choose a song to listen to as you browse.  Or get  some cans, boxes and recycled things.  Build a junk band and play along with rhythms of the world.


SOUND SHOP     Things to get and places to go for them.   Links to other interesting sites. 


The Mudcat Cafe    Go to the MUDCAT CAFE to learn how to build your own instruments.


New stuff is added regularly.


Links to:

TV SHOW    These are pictures from past shows on Time Warner Cable TV.  We are working on a new series and looking for talent.

NEWS ARTICLE        A description of a John Yeiser concert written by Diane Reed, Orange County Register.


Click "mailbox" to write a letter . We may not be able to reply, but your ideas and additions to songs are appreciated.


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  NEVER    TOO   YOUNG                          TO    DANCE

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This site is dedicated as a resource for families and schools participating in the music education programs of John Yeiser and those enjoying the Music Legacy multi-cultural CD, DVD, book and video productions.